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Current activities and September 21-23, 2018 Retreat Registration and Information


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Our Regional Men’s Mission Work Project this year has been at one of our CCSW camps in Gonzales, TX. From Monday through Saturday, March 5-10, 31 men and two women volunteered their time and expertise in constructing the inside facility of a 33 x 40 foot steel building “shell” that will be a Welcome Center/Office for the camp. Our faithful cooks, Bill Napper, Ernie & Peggy Spiekermann with help and support from camp director, Scott Miller prepared meals for everyone. Project leadership was led by a committee headed by our new Mission Project Coordinator Les Hodson, assisted by Hank Gayler, Brian Fenwick and David Strickland.


At the Regional Men’s cabinet meeting in January, plans were finalized for the Annual Retreat at Lake Brownwood on Sept. 21-23. Our two keynote speakers for this year are: Doug Skinner, Sr. Minister at Northway CC in Dallas and Chris Wilson, Sr. Minister at Rush Creek CC in Arlington. Our theme for this year’s retreat is “Is Reformation Theology Still Relevant Today?”   A pre-retreat Golf tournament on Friday before the retreat will be held. Please register your desire to play on the Registration Form or contact Roy Horne at: or me.


See the enclosed Registration Form and other Retreat information. These Registration Forms, speaker publicity, schedule, etc. are on a link from the CCSW web site at 


Please Register Online if possible; the extra costs are absorbed by Disciples Men funds. Go to the Disciples Men’s page of the Regional website at This will really assist Bonnie Schuler, Office manager in the CCSW office.


Another important item is further promotion of earlier announced Tri-Area( North Texas, Northeast and Trinity Brazos Areas) men’s retreat at Disciples Crossing-Athens, TX on May 18-20, 2018. All men from Texas and New Mexico are invited to attend this weekend. Attached are information about this retreat leader, David Dusek’s ministry, more about the weekend’s activities and a Registration form.


FCC MEN - look forward to...

Bible Study - Biweekly (every 2 weeks) on Tuesday nights. Meets March 20th - watch for more info regarding time and location!

Household Repairs for FCC Members - There was interest in meeting as needed to do some household repairs for our members that may need that assistance. More info to come!

FCC Rowlett Disciples Men Breakfast - possible quarterly breakfast fellowships, watch for info.

Area Disciples Men Events 

NTA Churchmen’s Breakfast - 8:30am on May 5, 2018 @ Warren Avenue Christian Church

Tri-Area Men’s Retreat - May 18-20, 2018 @ Disciples Crossing; David Dusek (director of “ROUGH CUT MEN Ministries”); Registration form and information 

CCSW Regional Disciples Men Events

2018 CCSW Men’s Retreat - September 21-23, 2018